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Revised for Lazy Dog Co.

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Repackaging Modelshop for a New Market

To Introduce Modelshop’s line of wooden automata into the US market, we must first consider our product’s place in this market. We know the strengths of our product, such as excellence of design, precision craftsmanship, exciting functionality, and overall high quality, but is this enough?

The competitive nature of the US marketplace is astonishing. To be uccessful here takes more than a good product. The savvy marketer knows even the best product must be packaged and  erchandized expertly.

The packaging must first be eye–catching enough to draw the customer toward it. Holding the package should result in a feeling of quality.

The Challenges of Packaging

Not only must the product “leap off the shelf,” it must withstand the scrutiny of a ophisticated buying public with many questions about the product’s purpose, value, ease of use, robustness, etc.

The great challenge with Modelshop automata is to show a product made entirely of plain MDF in an appealing way. Generally, products in the novelty category tend to rely on bright colors, which would overwelm the natural color of our product.

The solution to making the product “pop off the box,” is to place it against a dark background — in this case dark brown compliments the medium tan color of the product. A light yellow is used because it contrasts well with the dark brown and it also has a degree of warmth. Note both the brown and yellow were sampled from the excellent “Clockwork Dreams” logo.

Additional Requirements for the Packaging

  • Vintage - The vintage look is achieved by the chosen colors and the Art Deco/Steampunk linework.
  • Artistic - As the product itself is beautiful while being functional, so too is the packaging.
  • Whimsical - While the product itself is fun and engaging, the packaging takes itself seriously — a perfect foil for the product.
  • Living - The packaging’s retro nature suggests it has existed for many years — and will live on for many more.
  • Retro - This packaging solution appears to be from another time— which could also be true of the product.
  • 1950’s - The ‘50’s are known as the “Plastic Age,” — not represenative of our natural product, so I went further back in time to the ‘30s and the inuence of Art Deco, with its stylized, geometric designs.

Pegasus Pack Layout


Pegasus Pack Die-Art


Revised for Lazy Dog Co.